Friday, December 26, 2014

Practice and Tolerant Subjects

Patience is one trait consistent with great photographers. 
Having a tolerant subject helps.

This is especially true in wildlife photography. 
Every animal offers up a challenge and it helps to stay focused 
and not give up. Eventually, just maybe, the reward will be worth it! 

It is equally as important to mention practice. Practice is mandatory.
So let me introduce you to the subjects I use to practice.

These are our rescue girls, Betty and Freckles. They are fairly tolerant so when the bow was tossed on the floor while opening gifts I couldn't help myself. 

A few things where working for me Christmas day. One, I had my iPhone handy, two, the girls are not strangers to me snapping off pictures and know how to beg with their eyes of course. Three, the ribbon was red! Oh, and add the amazing Snapseed app and it is easy to document life's moments!

I hope all of you who received new camera equipment get out and practice. Read your manual! Practice, practice, practice. My Mother always said, "Practice makes perfect." I have a long way to go and never expect to be perfect but it's fun to keep working on it!

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 25, 2014



Wishing all my followers a wonderful holiday season and 
best wishes for a Happy New Year.

This is the time I do my best and reach out to family, friends, 
acquaintances and those who follow my blog but haven't met yet. 
You are all appreciated even though we may not have had a conversation 
recently. Looking forward to a chance to catch up next year.  

We all lead busy schedules, none busier then this time of year. 
I wish you relaxation, joy, and a peaceful season. 

Siblings discuss plans for the holiday at Hallo Bay Bear Camp, Alaska